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Thursday, December 10, 2009

Christmas Shopping with Clever Girls Collective

Normally I love Christmas shopping. Last year I bought most of our gifts online. No trekking out to the mall. It was all shipped directly to me (or our parents). I try not to get sucked into the commericalism of Christmas. We normally only give gifts to our immediate family, in-laws and very close friends.

This December life has been a bit crazy. We have a newborn (who turns 3 weeks old tomorrow!). We're also on a very tight budget. Hubby and I talked about not doing Christmas presents to each other this year.

I feel very lucky, even though we're pinching pennies (like everyone else). Hubby doesn't complain about my Twitter addiction. Thanks to the Clever Girls Collective, I won an amazing toy package last week during one of their Twitter parties. Thanks to them, my shopping for Sophia is done.

Check out what I won:
I'm so glad to have met the amazing ladies of the Clever Girl Collective. They are friendly, funny, and not at all pushy about their clients' products. So follow them on twitter & join their mailing list because they have amazing twitter parties with great products. I met these ladies at Blogalicious, and they stand behind the products of the companies they represent.

Clever Girls Collective, you totally helped us make an amazing Christmas for our daughter!

Now I just have to figure out what to get my sister (can't tell you because she reads my blog). Also hubby's birthday is 3 days before Christmas, so have to figure out that one.

Since hubby & I decided not to get each other presents for Christmas, I thought it might be a bit sad not to have presents to open Christmas morning.

While sitting at a red light, I had a fabulous idea! We'll each get $5 to shop at our favorite thrift store. We have to find a present for each other there. How fun will that be? It'll force us to be creative and we'll totally surprise the other. Neither of us (nor our apartment) needs more stuff, so I think this will bring the fun back into Christmas for us adults.

What do you think? What are you giving your significant other for the holidays, especially if you are on a tight budget like we are?

I was not compensated for saying all the cool things about Clever Girls Collective and the companies they represent. However, I did win the amazing prize pack. I have yet to receive any of it, but did get to see a sample Little Passports kit at Blogalicious.

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Musings from Me said...

We tend to get each other practical things. Last year I think he wanted a book ... Michael Crichton? I buy little things that my children can give to each of us. As long as the kids get to wrap and give the gift...they are happy.

Last year my oldest used her own money to buy presents for all of us. She was very cost conscious -- spent very little at Walmart!