Blogging on the Brain

I know I've been quiet here recently. It's because I've been working on some new blogs. I'm totally bitten by the writing bug. Everything I do, I think, "Hmmm, that might make a good blog post." I need to start carrying around a notebook to jot down all my ideas.

I'd love it if you visit (and subscribe!) my other blogs. Each one is a bit more specialized, as opposed this one, which is kind of a mish-mash. I'd love to hear your feedback. What you'd like to see on each blog. Suggestions of topics, etc.

To make life easier, here are the links:

  • Cup of Creativi-Tea: I'm sharing all things creative, whethere it's cooking, sewing, or kid crafts. Maybe some bellydancing (that's creative!). I'm also adding lots of tutorials.
  • I'm Not the Nanny: Parenting stories, with some musings about raising biracial kids in a racially conscious world
  • Laugh in Bed: Intimacy and relationships. Maybe some sex.

I'll still post here occassionally until I get the other ones established! Thanks for reading!

Monday, December 14, 2009

A Little Help?

Sophia's feeling a bit left out recently since Jaxson arrived.

I would love your suggestions for a great mommy-daughter outing. Stop by I'm Not the Nanny and share your ideas with me. Thanks!

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JessicaAPISS said...

i tried to comment several times on I'm Not the Nanny but it's not working - doesn't let me scroll down to the word verification.

Anyways, on Friday Westfield Montgomery in Bethesda has a free Gingerbread House Workshop from 1pm to 4pm on the Lower Level in front of Sears!